Waiting for Easter in London

As I have already told you in my previous post, some of my friends and I are going to spend Easter in London. !!!

Yes! Easter. Friends. London. Wonderful!

We arrived yesterday evening after a bit of chaos at the airport, our flight was a bit late, but we have found a very good way of spending our time, we decided to sip some wine while waiting. This was the best we could do, and since all of us were a bit relieved after finally leaving work and family behind, this solution/idea was very much appreciated by all of us.

Gosh, our leave needed pretty much preparation!

We were all above ourselves! A long weekend among friends, several days to spend with clubbing shopping and sightseeing in London! :D

Although I felt thriving pain in one of my teeth, I decided not to worry about it. I have learned already that if I just ignore some physical pain, it usually rights itself. Besides all those glasses of wine made it’s numbing effect.

Once we arrived to our hotel, we already had a plan about who is sharing room with whom, so settling down did not take so much time. However showering and getting ready for a dinner and a bar-round took us ages.

You know how it is with girls, it takes ours to get ready for party. The hair and makeup must be perfect, not mentioning how hard it is to choose outfit for the night. :)

When we finally were ready for the CITY, we were a bit exhausted already. Most of us have had a tough day yesterday. We went to a nice little pub near our hotel, we had a nice dinner and some more drinks, but as I thought, we did not stay out very long, most of us wanted to get some sleep before today’s sightseeing.

I went to bed and fell asleep directly (I can’t remember how long time it took), but woke up having toothache again at 7 am. I took some painkiller and we hit the breakfast bar! :)

If the toothache gets unbearable, I’ll probably need to ask for some advices at the hotel reception. This can’t be so unusual, can it? But on the other hand, I still can’t believe that I might have to spend time on finding a dentist to check my aching tooth here in London… Just a little update: found this blog about dental implantation recently, I might need some info on this topic ( as a result of how it went with my aching tooth…:( )

I am writing this post before we hit the CITY, I might drop some update in the evening or tomorrow morning. Off we go now!

London-residents, beware!

Ready or not, here we come!

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