Today’s balance: awesome experiences in London and a tooth less

Looking back to our London trip and the buzz, it seems unreal.

Now I am back to reality, to our boring weekdays. It never gets really boring with kids, you know.

My rather messy suitcase lays unpacked on the bedroom floor. What remains is the view of all those clothes I bought. A new pink, sparkling top peeping out of it, reminding me of the second night fun at the starry bar. We were unstoppable! :)

Left only my polished nails, that I matched to my little black dress I wore last night.

It hurts looking at them, they are like a sweet memento of something that did not really happen, or did it?

They seem jarring from the life I live.

My aching tooth is gone. I went to my dentist this morning, and there was no chance of saving it. I can either live without it or go for dental implant. He said that I was lucky that the infection did not cause bigger trouble. I actually don’t mind, just happy to get rid of the pain (never thought that would happen some day).

Now I am ready to live my ordinary life with great enthusiasm, I feel revived, I can tackle with anything now.

Gotta do this again, Girls!

Without the tooth part…

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