Easter of a different kind

We have done something totally different than we usually do with our family and kids this Easter:

We have had a Horrible Easter at the London Dungeon!

We experienced 1000 years of London’s darkest history, some actor led shows and some scary rides there. We have had a great day! Scary, but definitely different.

We saw a cast full of horrible characters from Bloody Mary Tudor to Jack the Ripper, torture chambers, it was so scary, but so much fun, when doing this with friends.

They had shows too, like the Great Fire of London attraction, where we learned the truth behind the start of the Great Fire of London, we heard screams, we saw destroyed buildings, we even smelled smoke!

We had great fun!

As a matter of fact, my tooth was killing me in the meantime, but I can only hope that the antibiotics I got yesterday, would help the inflammation go down, and I can go to my dentist when I am back home tomorrow. I would really hate getting my tooth pulled out (still hoping for his second, positive opinion), I don’t want to have false teeth, not even a dental implant! I feel actually too young for that…

Something else…we are flying home tomorrow, I can not believe that we only have one night left in this great city, it all seemed so short, time flies, you probably know what I am talking about. This was definitely a great experience, I can even think of coming here again soon with my children, they have so much to do and see with kids here.


Have you ever caught yourself thinking how much your children would enjoy, like this or that, when having your own Mommy or Daddy time without them? Or have you hit the shopping Malls looking for some clothes for yourself, and came back with bunch of clothes only for your kids?

Yes? If so, you’ll know what I talk about.

It is great fun being with your friends, but I miss my family so much by now. I just can’ t wait to meet them at the airport.

East or West, home is best!

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